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AGLOMANCHA, Works alive

We break the established limits as we find efficient solutions to the area´s challenges.
Aglomancha brings together line of business that come together in a big utility company related to the construction sector and that, through different labor union organizations establishments, offers services to its clients that go beyond the sum of all its lines of business. Professionalism, commitment, experience and the regard for environment are the main stay which make Aglomacha´s activity increase.We plan, build and advise about all the issues related to our sector, for that we count on a high qualified human team which allows us combine efficiency and innovation. We work in a world without barriers One of our maxims is to take the control of all our works, this way we guarantee good results to our clients.

The quarries and asphalt fabrics that Aglomancha has available are equiped with the last technologies, besides they are mobile and ultramobile, which allow them to be displaced all around the world.

Aglomancha also has the capacity of finding material resources for its establishment, this way it ensures to be self- sufficient for every work implementation.

The company continuous expansion has caused the offices opening in different enclave places that ensures a higher work control, which is increased by the management offices.

Aglomancha Avda Alfonso X el Sabio 1, 1º C
13001 - Ciudad Real - Spain
+ 34926273073
+ 34926273083
Fax: +34926273075

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