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Town planning

Line of business

Roads are more than inert infrastructures, they are rivers of life that form regions and contribute to the society development through its towns union.

Aglomancha has an extensive experience on this field of activity, with international technical certificates that are endorsed by the quality of its works.

Aglomancha technical department is specialized in big projects drawing-up, whose main aim is to fulfil client´s needs and possible conditions to the natural environment, trying to help landscape and environmental integration without the works technical quality parameters decrease.

Structures act as links which help to overcome obstacles and provide smooth flow, taking into account in every moment the respect to the environment and the exploitation of the present natural resources.

The works made by Aglomancha in the course of its experience are the best showcase of this company´s capacity of carrying out big projects, with a higher position in works classification, regarding volume and budget.

Water, as a life source, is a scarce good which is needed for the people´s subsistence; that is why it is essential to do a responsible use of it and to find technical solutions which allow a bigger exploitation of it.

Aglomancha´s hydraulic projects look for the most advanced technologies for guaranteeing the water intake, whether it is for human health or for some other uses, taking the most of this resource and contributing to the environment respect and sustainability.

Nature is considered the architect of the biggest works in which the man´s intervention cannot be contemplated. However, it offers us beautiful landscapes, and that is why we are obliged to keep them on its original state.

Aglomancha assumes that its growth has to be in harmony with the environment and that is the reason why all of its works are designed for the natural resources conservation and its highest exploitation. The search based on the last environmental innovations which manage to increase the energetic efficiency and an environmental impact decrease makes the Environmental Administration ISO 14001 Certificate well deserved.

Our activities cover all areas of construction. We build aesthetic and structurally safe buildings of any kind and all around the world, we don’t have any limits.

AGLOMANCHA is also dedicated to the implementation, development, production and distribution of a system of insulating panels for walls, floors and roofs made of reinforced concrete, easy to build, and which provide maximum safety and resistance to our buildings.

The sustainability of the environment and the ecology is a priority for AGLOMANCHA. For that reason, we offer solutions to minimize the impact that building can have on them

We have the ability and the resources to reach and work everywhere on the planet. We like being autonomous and free to decide of the works to be done, without any obstacle preventing us to do so.

We can guarantee that we have a complete freedom of movement and that we are self-reliant.

In AGLOMANCHA, we don’t have limits concerning the use of fixed and mobile equipment, which allow us to be able to deal with all our works, wherever they are, and ensure the necessary production to carry them out.


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