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Tajo ring road and stay tabled bridge in TALAVERA DE LA REINA (TOLEDO)


  • 3.400 avenue, with two ways roads separated by a changeable width central reservation, and a pedestrian crossing on the right side, as well as a cycleway on the left side.
  • The avenue has a 318 mtrs cable-stayed bidge deck panel and a 408 mtrs twin viaduct.
  • The cable-stayed bridge deck is held up by a big concrete 22o leaning pylon which has become a city´s reference.
  • It´ is a 192 mtrs long pylon, the highest and widest (36 mtrs width) pillar in Spain, the only pylon in Spain with 318 meters of light and the only one in Europe made of concrete cable-stayed bridge deck.

Talavera de la Reina new by pass is completed by the construction of a roundabout and a spectacular bridge over the Tajo, which allow to lighten the traffic and to link the new urban developments which will be carried out on the left bank of the river


  • Both the panel and the pylon have been made by high resistance white concrete, 70 MPas y 80 MPas. The white HAC 80 has been used for the first time in Spain.
  • 152 high resistance steel cables set off from the pylon. Two planes hold the panel up by its edges, and two more panels get anchored to both 30.000tn anchoring walls. The last 411 mtrs long cable is the second in length in Europe (430m Normandy).
  • 52 m2 viewpoint in the upper side of the pylon, whose access is in a leaning lift in the pylon with 100 km around views.

Details of the work.


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